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Hey!  I’m Gina – thanks for joining me!   Hmm, so you want to know a little bit about me…?  I’m a wife and mom living in the suburbs of a small (very small) Canadian city.  I recently added two cats and a dog to our family – only after my kids were old enough to be sort-of independent.  

I have somehow wound up working in government administration, but have meandered and dabbled in many things along the way.  

I’ve studied psychology, history, and art history, I worked in law enforcement for over a decade, left to be a stay-at-home mom for 4 years, then got a graduate degree in public administration.  

While I love my job, it doesn’t leave a lot of room for creating.  Pre-kids, pre-digital cameras, I played around a lot with photography.  

I’ve always loved home design – inside and out.  And, have an obsession with colourful front doors and front-yard gardens.

I’m also obsessed with white interiors that have pops of colour – my favourite paint colour is Benjamin Moore’s Cloud White.  

Writing a book is on my bucket list.  Artists I love are Degas and Frida Kahlo.


I love a double-shot Lavazza espresso as soon as I’m up in the morning, and am convinced that yoga, mindfulness, and meditation are the path to a rockin’ life of joy.

I’m an introvert who needs time away from people – hopefully with a great book – to re-energize, but who also gets revitalized by travel.  I try to buy a piece of original art or visit a museum or gallery wherever I go.

I live a pretty soccer-mom-ish existence, drive a mini-van, and just decided to fork out for a housekeeper because I hate spending my weekends cleaning.  I’d rather fill that time with creative pursuits!

We’re in the process of cost-effectively updating our bathrooms and kitchen.  And, a little voice recently told me I had to learn tapestry weaving even though I’ve never worked with fibre before.  

I believe creativity should be a part of everyone’s life, and I’m super-excited to see how reconnecting with my creativity impacts mine.  I’d love to hear how creativity has impacted yours – contact me anytime to connect!  

And, for more on what you will find at Poet Soul, like encouragement and inspiration to be more creative, check it out here.


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