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Hi!  I’m Gina, creator of Poet Soul.  I’m on a quest to live a more creative life, and to help others bring more joy into their life through creativity.  I’ll tell you my story and what you can look forward to from Poet Soul!

My Story

My life mostly feels like a circus.  I’m a mom to 3 amazing kids, a teen and 2 pre-teens.  It’s a chaotic existence.  I have a full-time career,  a spouse with a demanding on-call job.

A dog.  Cats.  Aging parents.  Kids’ sports and activities.  We are always running somewhere, or just trying to keep the household running.  Sound familiar?

I love my life, but for a long time I’ve felt like something was missing.  That’s not surprising to anyone who has been on auto-parent mode for awhile.

I kept thinking that, once the kids are out of the baby, toddler, school activity, whatever stage, it will be easier to find time for things I love.

I kept waiting for the right time.  [Spoiler alert – there is no right time.  And, I didn’t believe people when they said you are still busy but a different busy with older kids than younger ones.  It’s true.] 

It recently struck me, though, that however crazy life feels right now, in the not-so-distant-future things will slow down.

The kids will be off to university, evenings and weekends won’t be fully scheduled, and suddenly, all of of the “doing” I have been doing will stop. 

And, then what?  And, most importantly, what the heck do I even like to do anymore?

People tend to get so caught up in the day-to-day of living, there isn’t a moment to step back and remember what brings them joy.   

I was recently asked the  question, “If you could create more space in your life, what would you do with it?”  The answer came to me in an instant – I wanted to live a more creative life.  That’s what was missing.

One day time won’t feel like such a luxury, but I have decided that instead of waiting for that elusive “perfect” moment time, I’m going to start living a more creative life now, in whatever small ways I can.  

  • Poet Soul is for anyone who is over-taxed and under-resourced.
  • Who feels like they have lost themselves a little bit, or a lot.
  • It’s for people looking to fit creative pursuits into their lives, no matter how busy they are.
  • It’s for those who have the life of a circus, but the soul of a poet – who want to find creativity amid their own chaos.

Whether you want to rekindle creative pursuits that once brought you joy, or discover what your creative outlets are, visit Poet Soul for inspiration and strategies to make space in your life to create. 

I hope you enjoy Poet Soul.

The answer came to me in an instant –

 I wanted to live a more creative life.

paint brushes in a paint splattered jar

What you will find at Poet Soul

Inspiration.  Motivation.  Wellness tips.  Self-care.  Self-love.  Food for your creative spirit and soul.  Strategies to help you make more space in your life for creativity, no matter how busy it seems.

Creativity comes in many forms – what you will find at Poet Soul are things make my own heart sing right now.  Poet Soul leans more towards the artsy than the crafty and is packed full of inspiration and tips on:


Painting?  Yep.  Photography?  You know it.  How about ceramics, wood-block and lino prints, tapestry weaving, and more.  You will find inspiration, and articles that highlight both historic and contemporary artists and artistic movements.

Not only are beautiful spaces art in their own right, but a beautiful space can inspire the creative soul.  Interior and exterior spaces, house plans, home decor, gardens, and architecture are featured.  


Another important way to invite space into your life for creativity is to nurture your mind and body.  Mindfulness, meditation – the question about creating space came in a meditation class – yoga, healthy eating, and wellness, and how these can be a strong foundation for your creative practice, are the focus here.


Motivation and encouragement are here to help to you kick-start your projects, or sustain your momentum.  Also look for organization and decluttering because making space in any form, creates more space in your life for things that bring you joy.  Short on space or money?  No problem – learn how to be creative no matter your budget or space constraints.


Check out one of the ways I feed my creative soul, and take a peek at my own snaps at PoetSoul Photography.

Fisherman’s Beach, St. Ann’s Parish, Jamaica

You can also learn a bit more about me here.

I hope Poet Soul becomes a springboard for your own creative adventures!

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