Create art. Change the world.

My life mostly feels like a circus.  I’m mom to 3 amazing kids, a teen and 2 pre-teens.  Wife.  Career-woman.  It’s chaotic.  There’s a dog.  Cats.  Aging parents.  Kids’ sports and activities.  We are always running somewhere, or just trying to keep a lid on things.  Sound familiar?

For a long time I knew creativity was missing from my life, but I was afraid to start. I used every excuse in the book.

I kept thinking that, once the kids are out of fill-in-the-blank stage, it will be easier to find time for things I love.  Time to be creative.  I kept waiting for the right time.  [Spoiler alert – there is no right time.] But, not being creative was causing anxiety and other health issues.

I finally decided to stop waiting for that elusive “perfect” moment.  I am living a more creative life now, in whatever small ways I can, and loving it.   I help nervous creatives come out of hiding and I want to help you do the same.  To pull your creativity out of you and embrace it.  Life of a circus.  Soul of a poet.


Coming soon!  Creative resources to help you invite space into your life for creativity and nurture your mind and body.  Inspiration. Motivation.  Wellness tips.  Self-care.  Self-love.  Tools to build a strong foundation to start your own creative practice.  Food for your creative spirit and soul – packaged in a totally grounded non-woo woo way….okay, there will be a little woo, but nothing crazy.  Strategies to help you make more space in your life for creativity, no matter how busy you are.  Resources to help you find creativity amid your own chaos.

Check out the blog for motivation and encouragement to help to you kick-start your projects, or sustain your momentum.  Whether you want to rekindle creative pursuits that once brought you joy, or discover what your creative outlets are. Making space in any form, creates more space in your life for things that bring you joy.  Learn how to be creative no matter your budget or space constraints.  I also document my own creative journey on the blog. 

home art studio

Coming soon!