How to Set Up a Portable Home Studio

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No space for a home studio?  No problem!  Her  are some ideas to help you set up a portable home studio and keep you organized and inspired.

My  current “home studio” is the living room floor, couch, and dining room table depending on what I’m up to.  I would love to have a dedicated space – or even a nook somewhere – but that’s not happening anytime soon.

For far too long, I used the lack of space as an excuse to not be creative.  I won’t let that be an excuse anymore, but I also like my space tidy and organized.  Or, as much as it can be with all of the crazy around here = kids, pets, homework, cat fur tumbleweeds.  

I’m on a mission to keep my creative messes as portable as possible, so I can take them out and put them away as easily as possible.  These are a few of my favourite things for a portable home studio.

 ArtBin Storage System

This storage system is a practical and cost-effective way to create a portable home studio.  

The components are made of clear acid-free plastic so you can see what’s inside.  They are stackable and latch close.  The bin’s interiors are fully customizable.

You can easily take out the bins you need and stack them up again for compact storage.  Keep your portable studio in a closet, pantry, or laundry room.  Bins also  store nicely under the bed.  

Below are just a few examples of storage bins options.  There are an infinite number of shapes and sizes!

ArtBin art storageArtBin tarnish free storage binArtBin art storageArtBin slim art storage

ArtBin also has components on castors,  great if you simply need your studio to roll out of the way and into a corner.  

The storage tote on wheels comes apart into two pieces.  The top piece is a removable and the perfect place to keep your most-used supplies.  The cube is also on castors.  Fill it with whichever bin configuration suits you best.

ArtBin rolling storage totesArtBin rolling storageCastors for the storage bins can also be bought separately and added to the larger bin sizes.

I love that this storage system will grow with you.  Start out with a few stackable bins, and as you collect more supplies, or get a bigger studio space, add more pieces as needed.

Fold-up Easel

A desktop easel is another way to create a portable home studio.  They come in a variety of sizes and fold up for easy storage or transport.  Many models include storage drawers, a carry handle, and for painters, a palette.

Arteza desktop portable easelArteza wood desktop easalfolding portable wooden easel

portable desktop easel with storage

These easels are for more than painting – they also work great for drawing and mixed media projects.

Perfect to set-up near a window, or on the table, coffee table, or floor.  And when you’re done, contain your supplies, fold it up, and store it away out of sight.  Bonus!

Caddies & Roll-up Organizers

Caddies and roll-up organizers allow you to store and carry a lot in a compact bundle.  The first two caddies below are actually diaper caddies (?!), but also work for your studio supplies.  And, the nice thing about diaper caddies is they come in many more patterns and colours than basic black.

I love the upscale utilitarian look of the third caddy.  Like an old-fashioned tool box that’s nice enough to leave out.  The white tray is removable to reveal more storage underneath.

diaper or art fabric caddy

x-large fabric caddy with cover

over-the-door clear 24 pocket shoe organizer

Roll-up organizers are also available in every shape and size.  Perfect for everything from pencils and paintbrushes, to yarn skeins and sculpting tools.

This over-the-door organizer is actually made for shoes, but it would work for anything you need easy access to.  I know a painter who uses one for paint tubes!  For her, it’s portable, easy to find the colours she needs, and cleans up in a snap.

sketch rolling pouch

Smaller roll-up organizers can tuck into a drawer or bigger storage pieces like a caddy or bin.  They come in canvas, leather, nylon, and many other materials.  

art supply rolling pouch

This one on the left even has the option to wear it as a belt.  It’s not only space-saving, but super-handy.  Especially if you have little ones who like to experiment with your art supplies (wink, wink).

There is certainly a roll-up organizer out there for your portable studio no matter your needs or budget.

There you have ideas to help you set up a portable home studio and keep you organized and inspired.  And, most importantly keep you creating.

Happy Creating!

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